União de Camionagem de Carga, Lda.


Your cargo has to be transported from supplying to distribution, through storage to stocks.

So that all this circuit is successfull, it is a priority that all tasks are accomplished as effective and troubless as possible.

Choose a trustfull partner. Get in contact with União de Camionagem de Carga, Lda.

Your transportation needs will be satisfeid from your first contact. We are fully equipped with new Scania and Volvo trucks and we are able to reply to all our clients demands. Modern equipment and complete service do the rest.

We are concerned with the environment and we don´t want to damage it. That´s why our trucks are being renewd with ecological engines.
We are aware of the importance of effective communication. That´s why we are now experimenting the GMS system (Satellite).

Your cargo will be in good hands with us. It is handled by professionals with competence, to arrive in perfect conditions to its destiny.

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